Rene Schute born 1969 is an full-time artist-painter. He lives and works in Bremen, Germany. Rene in his characteristic art work shows a reality which is located off the experienced reality. His paintings are invitations to intellectual and emotional debates as well as to dialogues between art and man. Since 1997 till 1999 he made a lot of exhibitions in Germany, in 2003 his work has become known worldwide. 

Rene Schute paintings are presented by international art galleries, on expositions and on art fairs.


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Songpa Micro-Housing Korea SsD

"The problem of urban density and housing costs is global. As unit types get smaller however, land costs coupled with developer driven profit margins merely create a provisional housing type with little social value. By mining the discrepancy between maximum floor area ratios and maximum zoning envelopes, there is an opportunity to provide an extension of the housing unit within semi-public circulation, balconies, and the thickness of walls. Like the ambiguous gel around a tapioca pearl, this ‘Tapioca Space’ becomes a soft intersection between public/private and interior/exterior building social fabrics between immediate neighbors. Finally, as this is housing for emerging artists, exhibition spaces on the ground floor and basement are spatially linked to the units as a shared living room. Although the zoning regulations requires the building to be lifted for parking, this open ground plan is also used to pull the pedestrians in from the street and down a set of auditorium-like steps, connecting city and building residents to the exhibition spaces below."


Cup-Hilt Rapier

  • Dated: 17th century
  • Culture: probably English
  • Measurements: overall length 127cm

The guard of the sword features a pierced and chiselled cup with nudes, animals and mascarons (ornament is a face, usually human, sometimes frightening or chimeric whose function was originally to frighten away evil spirits). The running wolf mark and the “IHS” inscriptions are stamped on the blade.

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